'Teen-Talk!' is a bank of 'hands-on' resources for use with young people who could benefit from focussed individual support. It provides a clear process of interaction and progression which helps promote productive communication and participation by young people and professionals in a one-to-one setting.

'Teen-Talk!' affords young people and professionals an imaginative, structured and practical method for initiating and progressing focussed dialogue across a range of specific issues. It is a visually powerful product with a 'game-like' appearance and instantly provides a non-threatening and engaging experience for young people in the one-to-one setting.

'Teen-Talk!' comprises of 120 packs, which collectively reflect specific issues and categories throughout. Each pack contains a laminated graphic, a set of text cards and a recording pad, The methodology combining these components offers a degree of physical involvement and interactivity, which ensures that visual, auditory and kinaesthetic 'learners' are supported throughout the dialogue experience.

'Teen-Talk!' reflects the minutiae of experiences, environments and relationships, which define most young people's lives and provides the 'springboard' for focussed dialogue. Each face-to-face session is consolidated with a process of 'co-recording', which is user-friendly, non-threatening and inclusive and ensures that both the professional's and young person's views and interactions are accurately represented and communicated.

'Teen-Talk!' provides a clear process of assessment, target setting and evaluation, which informs the focus and direction of the intervention from the outset. Used in conjunction with the specific issue resources, professionals have the flexibility to create individualised programmes specific to the needs of each individual young person they work with.

'Teen-Talk!' is clearly packaged, labelled and alphabetised for ease of use. Each resource is self-contained, easily transportable and adaptable to any environment in which a 'one-to-one' session takes place. Each of the 30 'User Manuals' provided, contains all the information and direction that professionals require to plan and prepare their work in a simple and time-efficient way, enabling them to maximise their direct face-to-face work with individual young people.